Who We Are


To be the premium private provider of effective communication therapy and advocacy for all children, parents and legal guardians in the local community.


Empowering all children and their families to reach their communicative potential with therapy from certified speech and language pathologists in the comfort of the client’s home including engaging activities of daily living, real-time parent-coaching, and effective advocacy with schools in the local community

Core Values of our Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)

-Presumed Competence

Belief that every child is a communicator and has the potential to learn   how to better communicate regardless of his/her impairment(s) and severity.

-Highly Personalized Experience

Individualized one-on-one evaluation and treatment through personalized strength and evidence-based interactions.


Continual assessment to ensure each client is making noticeable communicative gains over time with his/her individualized treatment plans.

Adjusting treatment plans to challenge or promote success in a timely manner.


Find, follow, and incorporate interests so each client is motivated and has fun while learning how to better communicate and gain communicative confidence.

- Holistic Approach

Considering all domains (social, independent functioning, cognitive, self-regulation, and gross/fine motor) of a client’s health and providing reliable community-based referrals when necessary.

Home-based services to increase generalization of communicative skills  and include considerations of natural environment, culture, and family participation.


Parent input is highly valued and an important piece of crafting each client’s treatment plan; encourage parents to be active participants in crafting a treatment plan and during treatment sessions to continue work at home.

Place value and provide a team-based approach with other service providers.

-Growth Mindset

Services that are the most current, evidence-based  neurolinguistic research which is immediately implemented to push each client out of his/her comfort zone and into the zone of proximal development (skills that are just above his/her current level).


Provide our community with education regarding the impact of communicative disorders in young children.

Empowering parents with knowledge regarding scholarships, state funds, and school-based services to prepare them to ask for what their child needs.


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