Speech and Language Therapy

Lively Speech and Language Therapy provides special services for all children and adolescents, including consultation, screening, evaluation, assessment, and treatment for speech development, phonological development (understanding of how sounds are grouped together for spoken/written meaning), receptive language (understanding of spoken/written language, word finding), expressive language (speaking and writing in correct grammatical structure, correct and specific  vocabulary, and details/complexity), and pragmatic language (increasing different types of communication-requests, comments, sharing info, asking/answering questions, following social norms of conversation, increasing communication attempts for quiet children, executive functioning, problem-solving). Post assessment, we will create a custom treatment plan to work with the strengths and areas of focus that are unique to your child’s needs. All of our treatments are evidence-based techniques that are recommended by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) http://www.asha.org/.

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